Gift information site for airports nationwide

  • Earn ANA Miles!
  • 5% OFF when you use your ANA Card!
  • 10% OFF when you use ANA Shareholder Gift Certificates
  • ANA FESTA coupons(e-GIFT card) accepted.


Duty-free shops in Haneda and Narita International Airport.

  • Earn ANA Miles! One mile for every 100 yen
  • Up to 10% OFF when you use your ANA Card
  • 10% OFF when you use ANA Shareholder Gift Certificates
  • ANA-related coupons accepted.


Use miles, earn miles! ANA Official Shopping site.

  • ANA official shopping site offering ANA original merchandise, gourmet foods, wine, and more.
  • Users can apply earned miles to shopping starting with 1 mile, and miles are earned based on the amount spent.
  • Purchases made with your ANA Card always receive an additional 5% off.


A site for exchanging earned miles for ANA recommended products

  • Earned miles can be exchanged for ANA recommended products.
  • Select from a wide range of products, from gourmet foods and travel merchandise to experiential packages.
  • We also offer limited items for ANA Premium Members.

Tanabe Farm

Bananas grown by Japanese workers in Ecuador

  • Tanabe Farm, located in Ecuador (South America) at an altitude of 300 m
  • Using the soil characteristics of Ecuador, we practice circular farming that contributes to farmland by providing organic fertilizer
  • Environmentally-conscious cultivation and a commitment to safety and peace of mind, including managing quality by conducting ozone sterilization for water
  • Providing products that express the commitment of Japanese owner Masahiro Tanabe


Original brand bananas produced in the Philippines

  • The name Frescana is derived from the Spanish word for fresh (fresco) and is a combination of “fresco” and “ANA”.
  • Prime plantation land even among the many banana plantations on the island of Mindanao, Philippines.
  • We frequently visit production sites to ensure quality management and take full responsibility for our products, from the plantation to the dining tables of our customers.

Asa ni taberu kin no Fruits

Select high-quality dry fruits from around the world

  • Convenient source of nutrition from a smaller volume of product compared to fresh fruit
  • Commitment to natural, delicious tastes with no use of preservatives or added sugars

ANA’s Fresh Selection

Catalog gifts recipients can choose based on their own preferences

  • A wide selection of price ranges, from 3,000 yen to 30,000 yen
  • For numerous uses, from mid-year and year-end gifts to ceremonial occasions
  • Vast product line that includes fresh ham, prepared dishes, fruits, fish, and more


B to B Digital gift service.

  • B to B digital gift service.
  • Providing a convenient service which meets various customer requirements.
  • Providing ondemand systems that can provide an zero inventory environment, and increase productivity


Smart device-based multi-payment and marketing solutions

  • Provide safe and secure cashless payment services compatible with credit card, domestic and overseas QR code payments, etc.
  • Providing marketing services compatible with mileage services for airlines such as ANA and United.


From when you think about going on a trip, to when you are reflecting on your travels. We support ads all through your journey.

  • Providing comprehensive travel ad solutions for pre-travel, mid-travel, and post-travel
  • Providing dual approach using both digital and print media
  • Support for marketing to ANA Mileage Members and other highly reachable travelers


Enjoy in-flight shopping. We provide catalogs for your viewing before you board.

  • Providing select products from around the world and duty-free prices.
  • Offering a vast lineup of products unavailable in Japan and ANA original products.
  • Pay with an ANA card for a 10% discount on the regular price of goods.
  • Earn miles by presenting your ANA Mileage Club Card.


An in-flight shopping site exclusively for passengers to enjoy on ANA flights and in ANA Lounge for domestic flights.

  • Shopping site exclusive to ANA domestic flight passengers.
  • Offering ANA original products exclusive to the site.
  • Passengers can enjoy shopping via inflight Wi-Fi and complimentary Wi-Fi at ANA Lounges for domestic flights and certain international flights.
  • Users can shop using cash, credit cards, and even earned ANA miles.

Japanese Liquor (sake and whiskey etc.) Export

Presenting High-Quality Japanese Liquor to the World

  • Selecting high-quality Japanese Liquor from all over Japan
  • Delivering delicious Japanese Liquor with strict temperature control
  • Proposing new pairings of world cuisine and Japanese Liquor

X-Ray Screening Equipment Rapiscan

We conduct importing and sales agent for products manufactured by Rapiscan Systems, an X-ray inspection machine manufacturer boasting a top share on the global market.

  • X-ray inspection equipment (inspection of everything from small packages and personal luggage to large cargo without opening)
  • Gate-type metal detector (detects sharp objects and electronic storage media)
  • In-line stowed luggage inspections (EDS enabling high-speed 3D analysis)
  • Consulting services related to security equipment installation and maintenance


Spectacular disinfecting and deodorizing performance! A2Care

  • Disinfectant and deodorizer used by ANA and other airlines
  • Highly safe and effective disinfectant and deodorizer
  • Reacts to bacteria to disinfect and deodorize from the source
  • Human and environmentally friendly alcohol free product



  • ANA officiel precisions models designed and sold by ANA Trading.
  • ANA official model that accurately captures the characteristics of the real aircraft.
  • Available via the ANA Shopping A-style site, and ANA FESTA Haneda Airport shops.


Golf course operated by the ANA Trading Group

  • Located within 50 km of the Tokyo Metropolitan area but a place where guests can enjoy the remote nature of Musashino.
  • A golf club where you can earn miles. Earn miles by paying with your ANA Card.
  • Registration is free for “Visitor’s Web Memberships” who can use the Internet-only advantageous plans!
  • Golf cart navigation systems “Leaderboard” displays competition member scores in real time.


ANA Group’s art website that bridges the community and society with art

  • Introduction of art projects around Japan and overseas
  • Sales of artworks (ANA Shopping A-style, ANA GranWhale NFT Market Place, etc.)
  • Introduction of ANA Group’s projects to culture and the arts


A service to digitize paper coupons, vouchers, and store money

  • A service to digitize paper coupons, vouchers, and store money
  • Supports DX by reducing complicated management and overhead costs
  • Users find it easier to use the service since no app needs to be installed.

Touchless Check-in Service

A digital service to streamline the check-in operation of accommodation facilities

  • The service allows guests to complete the check-in procedure with a smartphone.
  • Simultaneously improves the operational efficiency of accommodation facilities and enhances the guest experience
  • Supports accommodation businesses facing challenges such as labor shortages