Aircraft Parts Business

We apply our advanced expertise and global procurement and logistics networks to create business in global aircraft parts markets.

Aircraft Parts Department applies our advanced expertise, knowledge, and procurement and logistics network to provide safety and peace of mind for passengers on ANA Group flights, and to meet the diverse needs of all our customers, including domestic and overseas airlines and MROs.
We handle approximately 70,000 aircraft parts transactions accurately and reliably with approximately 800 business partners worldwide.

Business Activities

Creating new businesses in global aircraft parts markets

As a professional in the aircraft parts industry, we will propose inovative solutions that exceed customer needs in order to continue to be selected by customers in the changing business market.
We will collaborate with our offices in Noth America (Los Angeles, New York, Seattle) and Europe (Paris) to serve as a market leader by providing consulting services for the trading and leasing of aircraft parts while also engaging in new business creation unique to the ANA Trading Group.

Providing value to support ANA Group operations

We are committed to the reliable and affordable provision of the high-quality parts needed to ensure safe and pleasant operations for the ANA Group.
To accurately respond to the issues facing airlines and MROs, we will effectively utilize the network of domestic and overseas offices of the ANA Trading Group, our status as a licensed trade management business in Japan (Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Business Operator/Explosives Sales license, etc.), and a Group order/delivery management system that is compliant with industy standards to provide unwavering and irreplaceable value 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.