Group Mission and Vision

Group Mission

Create diverse value and achieve a wealthy society — To receive the thanks of our customers —

In a turbulent society and business environment, we will always place ourselves at our customers’ viewpoint and respond to our customers’ needs. In doing so, we will create diverse value through business and, as well as achieving growth as a company, achieve a wealthy society through social contributions.

Group Vision

A company that identifies constantly changing needs, transforms itself, and creates diverse value — Diverse business, bright and myriad futures —

To achieve sustainable growth in a VUCA era, we must perceive changes in the environment and the changing needs. To perceive unpredictable change, we ourselves must transform without being confined by precedents and preconceptions. In making that transformation, we will be able to create diverse value. In creating diverse value, weaim to bea company that will create a bright,myriad future for society, for our customers, and for ourselves.

Identify changing needs

  1. Identify social needs: Achieve ESG-oriented management. We will fulfill our social responsibilities while connecting them to business opportunities.
  2. Identify customer needs: Adopt our customers’ point of view. We will achieve the diversification of our business by respoding to our customers’ various needs.
  3. Identify our own needs: Achieve D&I. We will achieve growth of the company by acknowledging our diverse colleagues and diverse values.

Instead of looking in only one direction, such as customers, society, the company, or our employees, we will strive to perceive the needs of all these groups.

What does it mean to transform itself?

Instead of merely perceiving needs and responding passively to them, by actively seeking to change ourselves, we will grasp hold of change, discover new opportunities to do business (opportunities to win), and link them to our business. To achieve this, each one of us will cause awareness that we ourselves will change.