Electronics Business

Create and provide services, products, and solutions that are continuously chosen by customers in global electronics markets.

With OSAT, a business that links the Japanese semiconductor industry with Asia, as our core business, we are expanding and developing our worldwide business using our unique global expertise, knowledge and networks on the growing global electronics market.

Business Activities

Provide services, products, and solutions in global electronics markets.

Providing OSAT services mainly for the semiconductors used mobile devices, industrial equipment, automobiles, home appliances, and computers, and engaged in global electronics markets where we conduct the import, export, and sales of semiconductor wafers, materials, soldering, and adhesives. With over 40 years industry experience and a global network consisting of overseas partners and our own overseas locations, we pursue and provide services & solutions that fulfill the diverse and changing needs of our global customers.

  • Provide outsourced semiconductor assembly and testing (OSAT) services
  • Wafer foundry services
  • Electronics manufacturing services (EMS)
  • Import, export and sale of semiconductor wafers and chips
  • Import, export and sale of semiconductor assembly materials
  • Import, export and sale of electronic circuit boards
  • Import, export and sale of high-performance solder wires and pastes
  • Import, export and sale of high-performance adhesives
  • Import, export and sale of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags