Message from the President

We will identify constantly changing needs to create diverse value, including both social and economic value, toward the achievement of a wealthy society.

Thank you for your continued support and consideration of our company.

I am Junichiro Miyagawa, the new CEO and president of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING CO., LTD.

The All Nippon Airways Trading Group is playing a core role in the effort made by the entire ANA Group to diversify its business. Specifically, we are engaging in a range of businesses including those related to aircraft, semiconductors, and food to deliver products and services able to meet the diverse needs of customers that the ANA Group could not fully meet through the airline business alone.

Last year, the ANA Group updated its management vision on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its founding. Toward the fulfillment of the new vision, “ANA inspires our employees, customers, and society to explore endless possibilities with diverse connections that begin in the sky.” we will create new value for the achievement of a wealthy society in alignment with the ANA Group’s DNA, which is to continuously embrace challenges.

I will make my best efforts to lead the All Nippon Airways Trading Group to meet the expectations of our stakeholders, thereby earning even greater trust from them. To this end, I would be grateful if you would extend your further support and guidance to us in the years ahead.

CEO and President, ANA TRADING CO., LTD.
Junichiro MIYAGAWA