We are engaged in a wide range of businesses, including dealing in imported fruits and vegetables such as bananas, processed foods and gift products and export business.

ANA Foods Co., Ltd. operates four food businesses.

The Fresh Food Business oversees every process of our products from production to sales. Our flagship products are frescana bananas from the Philippines and Tanabe Farm bananas from Ecuador, South America.
The Processed Food Business has branch offices and local subsidiaries to enable us to import high-quality, reliable food raw materials from around the world. We also launched the farm investment project Ana Farm to invest in walnut and prune farms, which enables us to achieve the stable provision and stable pricing for high-quality products unique to the ANA Group.
Food Planning & Marketing Business sells select food gifts, including the ANA’s Fresh Selection, a service offered through popular department stores that allows customers to select desired gifts and specify delivery times. We have built close relations with producers throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
The Export Business strives to be a bridge for fresh food ingredients between Japan and the world. We export Japanese ingredients, particularly fresh foods and prepared Japanese dishes, for which speed and freshness are key.

By integrating and consolidating the trading department, which promote the ANA Group diversification business and its core business, the Food business, we enables us to safety and reliability. We will exist company that responds to customer needs and that is chosen by customers.

Business Activities

Fresh Food Business

The Fresh Food business mainly offers our private brand bananas, Frescana bananas grown in the Philippines that we developed in collaboration with ANA Trading and Tanabe Farm bananas grown in Ecuador (South America). Conducting complete in-house management from production to sales enables us to deliver fresh, safe bananas with total transparency that extends to providing photos of the farmers.
We import unripe green bananas and then conduct ripening in Japan to give them that familiar yellow color. During the ripening process, we always use visual inspections to confirm maturity and quality. Delivering bananas in their best condition requires product knowledge and an awareness of conditions at the production site. Our high quality is supported by the knowledge of our experienced staff.

We mainly sell to major supermarkets, convenience stores, and farmer’s markets around the country. Our banana sales account for a 11% share of the domestic market.
We also handle avocados,kiwi fruit, pineapples and other tropical fruits and vegetables.

Processed Food Business

The Processed Food business has branch in Paris,France, and local subsidiary in California, USA (ANA TRADING CORP., U.S.A.), which engages in timely information sharing, buying, and shipping.
In California, USA, we have long-standing distributor agreements with Grower Direct Nut Co. (walnuts) and Mariani Packing Company, Inc. (prunes). By providing customer feedback to our local offices, we are able to supply products that achieve the high Japanese standard of quality.

As a food trading company with strong ties to our production sites, we launched the walnut and prune farm investment project ANA Farm in California, USA. We will pursue high quality, stable provision, and stable prices as we engage in imports and sales of trusted products conducted by the trusted hands of Japanese staff.

Our range of high-quality dried fruits selected from all over the world, Asa ni Taberu Kin no Fruits [Morning Golden Fruits], available in supermarkets around Japan, particularly in the Tokyo metropolitan region, is proving popular with consumers.

Food Planning & Marketing Business

Utilizing ANA’s extensive network, we select “freshly made and freshly harvested” delicious food products from across Japan and supply them as gift products mainly to major department stores and various other sales channels.
In addition, we produce and sell our original catalog gift “ANA’s Fresh Selection” and create a private brand of choice gifts for major department stores.With strict quality control and detailed service provided by our own customer center, we offer “gifts for loved ones” with added safety and security.
Furthermore, we also sell our gourmet gifts through LINE Gifts, which you can easily send to friends with whom you have exchanged IDs.

Overseas Business

Overseas Business strives to deliver the delicious foods of Japan to people around the world. We export fresh ingredients gathered from all around Japan and carefully selected dishes and other processed foods. We export to countries in East Asia and Southeast Asia, and are expanding our scope to countries around the world.
We provide carefully selected ingredients from across Japan to renowned restaurants and retailers worldwide by collaborating with local partners for distribution so that consumers can enjoy high-quality Japanese food products.
To promote the global dissemination of Japanese food culture, we export Japanese dishes and confections from Japan to customers around the world. By delivering real Japanese cuisine that represents the seasonal and fresh flavors of Japan, we are working to expand the reach of Japanese food culture.