We apply advanced technology to provide in-store mobile multi-payment solutions and marketing services aimed at generating shop traffic.

ANA Digital Gate, Inc. is a joint venture between ANA Trading Co., Ltd. and the major payment solutions provider DG Financial Technology, Inc., which is part of the Digital Garage Group.
Using advanced technology, we provide mPOS (multiple point-of-sale) solutions to shops as part of our efforts to achieve a safe, secure, convenient, and pleasant cashless society.
We also provide one-stop marketing services related to generating shop traffic for domestic and overseas companies, including linking mPOS solutions to the mileage programs used by ANA, United, and other airlines.

Business Activities

Payment Solutions Business

We plan and develop mobile multi-payment solutions, which involves using advanced technology to facilitate payments using smart devices.
In addition to credit card payments, we provide speedy support for domestic and overseas code-based payments and other payment methods. We will continue to expand services moving forward.
We also are aggressively engaged in the provision of payment systems for POS register and ticket machine manufacturers.
Through the sales network of the ANA Group, we provide services to airports, hotels, tourist facilities, local shopping arcades, and commercial facilities. We aim for the realization of a safe, secure, convenient, and pleasant cashless society, and work to stimulate local economy.

Marketing Service Business

We partner with the mileage programs of ANA, United, and other airlines to plan and develop marketing services aimed at generating shop traffic.
We provide mileage partner companies with mileage aggregation services using mPOS solutions to contribute to new mileage member referrals and increased customer loyalty.
We will continue to develop effective and efficient marketing services that adapt to changes in the market environment to contribute to sustainable business development for our mileage partner companies.



Smart device-based multi-payment and marketing solutions

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