Business Innovation

We apply Group strengths towards creating the new value needed by society and aggressively engaging in new business development.

Targeting both domestic and international growing markets, particularly in Asia, we aim to enter new growth areas(such as Regional co-creation, Art, DX solutions, Environment and Energy) while making the most of our strengths, including know-how and networks from existing businesses and the tangible and intangible assets we possess. As the core arm of the ANA Group’s space business, we develop and provide solutions as a trading company in the space-related industry. We also propose communication strategies and solutions at all points of contact with travelers (tourists and business travelers) before, during and after their journeys, in line with their activities and scenes.



ANA Group’s art website that bridges the community and society with art

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Touchless Check-in Service

A digital service to streamline the check-in operation of accommodation facilities

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