As the Logistics Division for the ANA Group, we use our years of experience to deliver ANA quality in the form of logistics services that meet the needs of our customers.

International Cargo Services (a part of the ANA Trading group) provides a one-stop logistics solution that covers everything from the various arrangements and procedures involved in import/export, to product management, warehousing, distribution processing, order management, and shipping management.
We are the logistics company for the ANA Trading Group. From total third-party logistics to partial support for imports, exports, warehouse management, and domestic shipment, we provide optimal logistics services to support the diverse needs of our customers.

Business Activities

Airline Support

Aircraft Parts Business

We oversee the handling of tasks related to the import and export of aircraft parts. This work directly relates to the safety and reliability that is at the core of aircraft operations and requires the knowledge and high precision that enables us to adapt to the special characteristics of product.

In-flight Service Products

ANA flights carry over 1,200 in-flight service items, including wine and other beverages, tableware, and various amenity items.
We oversee the warehousing, inspections, and storage of the in-flight service items supplied by vendors. We then warehouse and ship those items to airports in Japan and overseas based on requests from ANA.

Airport Support

Duty-Free Products

We conduct customs administration, warehousing, inspections, distribution processing, storage, and delivery of products sold at duty-free shops at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport.

Large-scale Devices

We provide one-stop logistics services for large-scale heavy cargo such as airport security equipment, from international shipment to transport to and installation at airports in Japan.

Diversification Business

Overseas Airlines and Business Jets

We handle the administration, storage, and transport for the equipment, aircraft parts, and other bonded cargo for overseas airlines operating at Haneda Airport and Narita Airport, and business jets flying in from overseas.

International Transport Administration

We offer optimal logistics services to suit customer needs by providing one-stop logistics management, from product pickup to final delivery, for domestic and overseas operations.

EC Logistics

We manage the products sold via the ANA Shopping A-style site, and also conduct product inspections, wrapping, and shipment based on online order data.