Marketing & Communications

We drive further growth of the ANA Trading Group by strengthening capabilities in merchandising (MD), promotion, and digital transformation (DX) at the group level.

To drive further growth of ANA Trading Group by strengthening MD and DX across the group and external communications and promotions that contribute to enhancing corporate value.

Business Activities

Planning and promoting the digital transformation (DX) strategy

We contribute to sustainable growth of the Group’s businesses by driving DX from the customer’s perspective and creating innovation. In particular, we support the retail businesses in developing strategies and frameworks, reforming business processes, developing tools, and cultivating digital talent in order to launch and promote data-driven marketing and retail DX.

Planning and operation of group-wide product discovery and development

We will drive the growth of the group by nurturing the “ANA FINDS” brand, executing sales and product strategies, and planning and managing cross-group product pioneering and development.

Planning and implementation of public relations and promotion for the Group

In addition to the planning and operation of public relations for the ANA Trading Group, we are tasked with planning and implementing advertising and sales promotion initiatives for products across the Group.