Presenting High-Quality Japanese Sakes to the World

Information on Partner Breweries and Available Brands

Enjoy a new kind of food and drink pairing with Japanese sake.
When paired together, excellent cuisine and alcoholic beverages add a touch of happiness to life. Japanese sake works in harmony with the flavors of different ingredients.
We have made it our mission to further enrich your dining experiences by proposing sake as the perfect beverage option for your country’s cuisine. To fulfill this, we proudly present a range of locally produced, high-quality sakes which we can deliver straight to your doorstep.

3 Promises to Our Customers

We are aiming to enrich the further experience of our customers with 3 promises.

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    Only the Very Best Quality

    To ensure a truly satisfying dining experience, we have scoured all corners of Japan to bring you sakes that are produced using the very best ingredients and brewing techniques.

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    Strict Temperature Control

    To make sure that your Japanese sake tastes just as good as the day it left the brewery, we ensure that it is kept at the right temperature upon export from Japan and while it waits to be delivered to you in your country.

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    New Ideas for Food and Drink Pairings

    To further enrich your dining experiences, we have a range of food recommendations to complement your Japanese sake.


Companies that would like to stock any of the sake brands shown on this page and sake breweries that are interested in exporting their products are kindly requested to contact us at the email address below.

Hotels and restaurants that would like to purchase any of the sake brands shown on this page are kindly requested to confirm the handling agencies on the pages containing further details about the relevant brands.