Toshimori Sake Brewery CO.,LTD.―Okayama―

Located in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture, it is a brewery founded in 1868.

Sakehitosuji Kinrei Junmai Ginjo

Junmai ginjo sake brewed by the kura that revived the “phantom rice,” Omachi. Refreshing ginjo aromas of soda pop, green apple, and green bamboo. A low-key floral note reminiscent of honeysuckle. As well as ripe grapefruit notes, it also contains elements of Chinese medicinal herbs such as chenpi (dried mandarin peel) and star anise. Silky umami, bitter notes, and sweetness evolve from the crispy mouthfeel. Pleasantly sharp acid and mineral notes provide enduring after notes.

Classification Junmai Ginjo
Rice Omachi
Rice polishing rate 56%
Alcohol content 15%
Yeast In-house yeast
Sake meter value +3
Acidity 1.6
Contents 720ml
Award winning
Kura Master 2020 Gold Medal
White asparagus, chilled white meat and horseradish


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