Group Mission

We always, as a general trading company group and major subsidiary of ANA group, create a new additional value and contribute to the achievement of the wealthy society.

We believe these three keywords, Originality, Flexibility, Foresight, are important in order to bring ANA TRADING group’s high valued products and services in the drastically changing society and business environment.

We create new things and quintessential high value and provide with unique services. To correspond to customer needs appropriately, we think flexible and operate to meet any conditions and environment. We foresee and capture future needs and undiscovered business opportunities to connect the new business.

Holding these three keywords, we continue to fly to the unknown world without fear of transformation.


Anything can lead to business. Original business field.

Growing out of airline business, ANA TRADING group as an airline-affiliated trading company has created and developed new fields one by one. Trading business constantly needs original business development. Our mottoes are: to keep exploring the next path with pride and confidence as pioneer and to positively tackle what others have never done and others cannot imitate.


Have no fear of change. Corresponding with constant flexible attitude.

We can’t operate business if we have fear of change in this transforming world. Customers ask us to have the capacity to respond to diverse needs and flexible business attitude to suit for any circumstances. We observe the currents of market and customers, accept different values and focus on achieving higher goals.


Gazing at the distant horizon, advance ahead.

Anything could make business in a trading company. Thus, we observe what’s surround us, get hold of what is needed next and beyond, and advance ahead of the times. Our operational task lies in this business foresight to what’s next. The ability to see through the distant horizon creates our new businesses and our future.